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After 9 months of development we are finally able to show our new fast back hardtop. This is our MK3 Lemans style top and it is uniquely styled to fit the BDR roadster. The new MK3 Lemans removable top will be available in carbon fiber and in fiberglass. It will retrofit onto all BDR RT3 models. The main focus of the design was to keep the roof simple. To do this we decided to do away with the original hatch used on the Lemans Top in the 60’s. This helps us save weight and it allows the top to be removed and installed easier. The removal of rear hatch also gives easy access to the trunk while the top is on the car.  The top is attached to the car in seven different locations and it takes approximately 5 minutes to install or remove from the vehicle.

For customers wanting the top to resemble the original Lemans styled top from the 60’s we will be offering a rear hatch for it. This will add some weight and complexity in removing the top but it will more closely resemble the tops from the 60’s. We are currently finalizing the side window design which will also be supplied as removable units. With the addition of the removable top to a BDR roadster we intend to lengthen the driving season for our customers.

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