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Meet the Backdraft Motorsports Team

Reg graduated from the University of Natal in 1990. With a lifelong obsession for racing Reg has managed to make a career with

Management Marketing Sales Test Driver
Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Accounting Manager


Brian Dopp

Parts Manager

Since early childhood, Brian has loved cars. Posters of exotics including Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Shelby Mustangs and AC Cobras covered his bedroom walls. After his first visit to Road America at age 10, he instantly gained a fondness for road racing. By age 15, he purchased his first car, a 1965 Mustang, which he began restoring with his father – a project they continue to complete to this very day. Shortly after completing college, Brian took his passion to the local road course attending high performance driver’s education events. Quickly gaining enough expertise, he began instructing for students and ultimately became a Lead Instructor for the Midwest’s most comprehensive track day group as well as local car clubs.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a BA in Advertising and Design, his career path initially followed his field of study. While an account executive at a large advertising agency, he started to look for ways to combine his professional skill sets with his passion. A way to blend the excitement of cars and the enthusiasm of car people with a career. Brian found this opportunity at a premier indoor karting and corporate entertainment complex which had two Chicago area facilities. After nearly 7 great years in his last position and a lifetime of long, cold, Midwest winters, it was time for the next big leap of faith – a 1,300 mile move south.

As the Parts Manager at Backdraft Racing, Brian has landed in a position to be around amazing cars, great people and beautiful weather. He assists each customer with exceptional service, enthusiasm and the knowledge he has gained over the many years working with clients, drivers and their cars. For your parts or accessory needs, or to simply share your story, contact Brian any time.

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